Sunday, February 13, 2011

Birthday Candles

February.... Stayed up till this time (in the AM!) because I'm addicted to making cakes.... 

The month of February holds the birthdays of two of my friends from work.

Wanting to surprise them even before their birthdays, (because that's when they least expect it) I baked each of them a cake based on what I know (or think) they like. With the help of another friend, I lured the two birthday girls to my house....

And tortured them with fire that never goes off!!! Muahahaha! (Oh.... that sounds wrong)

(the candle blowing went on for about 20 minutes or so...the one on Garfield just wouldn't quit!)

These candles are so fun!!! Oh you better watch out.. I'm gonna buy them for every single birthday cake I make from this moment on...

One birthday girl likes cheese and coffee, the other likes...well, she likes Garfield. Therefore I decided to make a Tiramisu cake, and a.... Garfield.

I did have plenty of fun making Garfield out of fondant. I was worried that he might look like a knock off Garfled made in China - but in the end he just looks like Garfield high on caffeine. Not too bad, if I may say so myself :)

I was also very pleased at how my Tiramisu turned out. The cheese had set well, and was nice and thick. My Ladies fingers were well soaked and slightly frozen in my bitter thick 'Indocafe' coffee.

It was all plenty fun - making the cakes, presenting them to the girls, an eating them. I hope you girls enjoyed it too... Happy Be-earlied Birthday Gaya & Vivien!


Vivien Lim said...

Thanks for the great surprise!

especially of your effort in doing this cake till wee hours :P

++++ the crazy candles!!!!

D O M O ! said...

You're very welcome Vivien. I stayed up late because it was fun :P I'm really glad you liked it!

... and those candles.. I thought that was so fun! hahaha