Saturday, February 12, 2011

Why Domo?

People have asked me why I named my baking blog DOMO!

If you didn't already know, there is this  Japanese cartoon character that looks like a square brown creature with a perpetually open mouth, bearing rows of sharp teeth. His name is Domo-kun.

I first fell in love with Domo-kun when I saw this emoticon being used on MSN chat of him either rampaging, or doing a rave dance.

People usually follow up with, "What is it?" or "Whats so cute about that thing?" and "It looks like poop".

WHAT?? POOP?! What are you eating that makes you produce square poop with eyes and teeth? 

But there is just something about Domo-kun that is so endearing. Maybe because he is so weird looking. Partly because the only thing he can say is his name. Partly because he farts pink gas when he is nervous.

However, the best thing I love about Domo-kun is that he has so many emotions on that cute little geometric shaped face of his. Why my little plushie itself can make all sorts of expressions.

Now tell me he isn't growing on you..... Liar. :D

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danica joy llanza said...

hello I like your blog since I saw it. :)