Sunday, February 27, 2011

Chocolate Orange Tarts.. Getting rid of more oranges # 2

Yes, I do still have mandarin oranges squatting in my fridge. By now, some of them are a little wrinkled, and a little dry - but still in good, edible condition.

Craving for something less fruity this time around, I made one of my favorite treats. Tarts!

It's one of Domo's favorites too...
I love fruit tarts, the creamy filling, the crumbly pastry and the tangy fruity top. My usual fruit tarts don't look like this... It usually consists of at least 3 different types of fruits on top. Not this time! The spotlight is still on my Mandarin oranges! :)

Instead of plain custard filling - I added a few spoonfuls of cocoa powder, and some chocolate chips in the custard to make it chocolaty. The sweet-sourness of the orange goes beautifully with the rich chocolate custard on top of the sweet pastry. Orange and chocolate always play well together.

Chocolate Orange Tarts

Sweet Tart Pastry
1 1/4 cups flour
1/4 cups sugar
3 1/2 oz butter
1 large egg yolk

Put the flour and the butter in your food processor. Mix till little floury buttery balls appear. Add in the sugar, egg yolk and a little ice water if it looks too dry. Pulse the processor till you get a ball of dough. Remove the dough and wrap it with cling wrap. Refrigerate for 30 mins. 

Now, roll out the dough and cut little circles out. Push them onto the base of a greased cupcake/tart tray. Poke holes at the base with a fork, and bake for 15 mins at 220 degrees. 

Chocolate custard filling
(or Just follow the instructions on the pack of custard)
1 egg yolk
cocoa powder
chocolate chips

Bring the milk and sugar to boil. In a separate bowl, mix cocoa powder, custard powder, egg yolk and a little milk till a thick creamy consistency forms. Slowly pour into the boiling milk, stirring consistently. Keep stirring and turn down the heat. Turn heat off after a custardy texture forms. Let it cool for about 20 mins.

Now, peel your mandarin oranges, and cut them into smaller bite sized pieces if you feel you must. (I felt I must!) To assemble the tart - first fill the cooled tart casings with the chocolate custard. Let cool, then decorate with orange slices on top. Sprinkle a little coarse sugar and some extra chocolate chips on top, and pop back into a preheated, hot oven to brown the oranges a little.

and it's DONE!

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Erin @ EKat's Kitchen said...

These are gorgeous little tarts -- chocolate and orange is one of my favorite flavor combinations! Thank you so much for bringing to Friday Potluck -- I'm so glad you've joined the party! :)