Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lazy Saturday Bombay Toast

It's Saturdayyy.... 

I love Saturdays! You get to sleep in... laze around all day... eat whatever you can find at home... watch your favorite shows... and then go back to sleep again.

Yes, thats how my Saturdays usually roll! Today, I was so lazy I couldn't even bring myself to leave the house to buy some much needed groceries. All I had in my fridge was some eggs, bread and some cheese slices.

Well, thats a making for some nice egg sandwich right? Not feeling much for any regular egg sandwich, I made myself some Bombay Toast!

I like the oozy cheese :D
Whats that? Well, some people call it a French Toast. Some call it Bombii Toast.. In mamaks they call it a Bombay Toast.

These toasts are usually filled with peanut butter or cheese. The coat of egg on the outside is usually a little sweet. My aunt used to make these for me when I was young.... Plain bread coated with sweetened eggs for breakfast just before going to school :) :) :) :)

Anyway, instead of sweetened eggs, I made my savory by adding pepper and salt instead of some sugar. Sandwiched two slices of whole grain bread with a slice of cheese in the middle, coated the outside of the bread then fried them on a generous layer of hot oil.

After I was done, it occurred to me - my Bombay Toast is just a messed up, inside out sandwich.

I do not know why I felt that I needed to put up so many pictures of my flat inside out egg sandwich :P
But I hope you like it! 
It's a Good and Cheap Eat post :D
Good Cheap Eats

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No matter what you call it, it looks good to me. We often forget to consider mixing a couple standards ideas together for something a little more extraordinary.

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