Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Discovering the Red Velvet

I recently discovered the awesomeness of the Red Velvet Cake. I always thought it was just red colouring in a plain butter cake, topped with cream cheese. Bah~!

But the Red Velvet is actually a concoction of amazing things like buttermilk, cocoa, vinegar and cream cheese! How interesting! I was intrigued! This sparked my Red Velvet hunt, I began tasting every Red Velvet cake I came across....

The Red Velvet Rosette created by a friend of mine

Red Velvet Cupcakes at Delicious, Bangsar. The chunks of cake pieces stuck on top makes it look like an alien!

Red Velvet, among other cupcakes sold in my office. By Simply Cakes, Puchong

A slice of Red Velvet Cake from Coffee Bean

I must say, I didn't taste the sourness and tangy flavour I expected from the cake. I was most disappointed in the one sold in Coffee Bean. The coconut and white chocolate shavings on top pretty much masked the taste of everything else. I'm still not satisfied! I can't wait to try my hand in creating a rich red velvet cake!

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