Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Domo Invasion!

NO Big Domo!!! Don't eat little Domo!!!! Ngiamm!!
I absolutely adore Domo-kun, as you can see. I love it so much, I name my cake site after him. However, slight mistake there, showing everyone my love for the brown square monster...

My 24th birthday just passed, and I was loaded with Domo-kun merchandise. Not that I'm complaining.... My eyes light up every time I unwrapped a present, and the beady black eyes and white saw teeth looks up and grins at me. 

But, I'm afraid to say I have a little Domo shrine right now. Big Domo, Little Domo, Domo heads, Domo figurines, Domo purse... As I tell my friends, I will need to stop this collection, or people would be calling me 'the strange lady that prays to the brown square monsters'. 

Domo-kun is impossible to resist. Say what you like.... call it a shit monster if you must, but slowly and surely he grows on you. Little by little, I see a Domo invasion coming on. A Domo figurine on this cubicle, a Domo wallpaper in that, a Domo keychain in his pocket... Why, I see that sly little monsters taking over my office!

Attack of the Domo-zombies!
Collect enough Domo dolls, and I'll be able to remake my own version of Resident Evil. 

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