Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Penguins sweat in Malaysia...

Pingu (black) and his overweight cousin Pingo (blue)
These pictures are not new. You might have already seen them on my Facebook page. But I'm mighty proud of my marshmallow fondant penguins.

Created from sugar, marshmallows and love, I name my two cockeyed creations Pingu and Pingo.

Note that the penguins are sweating. An important fact to remember - if you ever purchase or make fondant, do NOT place them in the fridge. They'll look pretty and stiff whilst refrigerated, but once it's out of the box, it starts to sweat, due to water condensation.

Fondant is incredibly fun to make. You get to create your craziest cake designs. Sitting there with balls and balls of different colored fondant balls, you just need to let your creativity juices flow.

Creative juices a little stuck
These parfaits in particular, are my favorite. Strawberry jam sandwiched between two butter cake circles, and draped with dark or white chocolate.

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Gayathri Nair said...

I'm your one and only follower miahaha.. yay!

D O M O ! said...

hahaha... how very sweet yet sad :P