Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Glammed up cheese-cake-cups!

I really need to come up with shorter, better names for these desserts!
I like baking back home (the home where my parents are), because my Mum has the prettiest and widest selection of kitchenware. Meaning a whole lot of pretty plates, dainty cups, ramekins and glassware for me to use. :D

So when my Mum had a little party of friends coming over, we thought it would be nice to have a glammed up version of my previous Strawberry Unbaked Cheese Cake Cups.

PassionFruit Martini Cheesecake Glasses!

Another thing I love about making stuff back home is that my mum has plenty of cute models to replace Domo-kun in the background... like this (fake) cage and (fake) birds!

I promise you, those birds are fake!!!

 The PMCG (Passionfruit Martini Cheesecake Glasses) is basically a prettier version of the Strawberry Unbaked Cheesecake Cups. It has a delicious buttery crumb base, pure cheese in the center, drizzled with tangy sour Passionfruit, and topped with a layer of clear jelly to seal all those yummy-ness in a pretty, glazed package.

What about..... Cheesecake Martini?
Hmm.. doesn't sound right...

And of course, I have also a very pretty garden as a backdrop.....

Could you guys help me think of a better name than PMCG? (sounds like FMCG... :-S) It looks way too pretty to have a name that sounds like fast moving consumer goods.


Gayathri Nair said...

Passion Fruit Cheesecake Martinis!
Remove the "Glasses" part, because Martinis come in a glass anyways :p hehe.

D O M O ! said...

Hmm.. yeah. Didn't think of that.. haha