Saturday, October 16, 2010

Best things in life.... (J.Co Donuts, Sunway Pyramid)

For me, it's almost impossible to eat cakes (or pastries, or donuts, or cookies) without coffee. Actually, it's almost impossible for me to go about my day without having any coffee. 

The coffee in J.Co isn't really something to shout about, but I absolutely LOVE that place. From the delicious fluffy donuts (try the original glazed - it's like eating sweet puffs of clouds!) to the adorable theme and smart ideas in the store. I've only ever been to the one in Sunway Pyramid, but every chance I get, I'll sit there and enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee and a glazed donut.... Aaahhhh!

Donuts and Coffee from J.Co (Sunway Pyramid)


Vivien Lim said...

coffee....did i hear coffee????

i love coffee... bungkus 1 for me..!

D O M O ! said...

hehehe.. coffeeee! :D Can't live without it