Saturday, October 9, 2010

Oh Yum!

Sweet, spicy, sour mango salad - Got Doremon to replace Domo-kun as my model.. :I
Domo! isn't supposed to be a food blog, but more of a cake / baking blog. But after my recent visit to Hat Yai, Thailand.... I can't resist a post! After all, sharing is good, no? ;D

Oh the delicious, beautiful food! Thailand has the most tantalizing food in South East Asia. The food is usually very spicy, as cili padi is one of the main ingredients in almost all food. Other stuff mainly used in Thai food are mangoes, nuts, lime, fish sauce...chillies, chillies, chillies.

The part I loved best about Hat Yai was the floating market. Granted, I don't think its as long, or as busy as the one in Bangkok, but it was a first for me and I loved it! It's so picturesque, the ladies in straw hats, the river, the boats, the colorful and yummy looking food. Everything is prepared in front of you, like this mango salad (one of my favorite food!).
Ladies at the Floating Market

Keropi with cute little jelly filled with green bean paste & shaped like veggies.
I wonder how they do it....?

The dish I enjoyed best there was of course, the Tom Yum Soup. Everybody knows the best tom yum you will ever try in this world will come from Thailand. And in Hat Yai, go to a restaurant called Kam Eng. Order the seafood, dark soup Tom Yum... OMG! Nothing else compares!! Spicy, sour, salty, tangy... it's like a party going on in your mouth :D

Seafood Tom Yum, Beansprouts fried with salted fish, Fu-chuk stuffed with crab meat... YUMMY!!

And since Domo! is a cake blog, I cannot deprive you of the cute and creative cakes I saw there!

Cupcakes - still on the seafood theme...

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