Friday, November 12, 2010

This Is What I Look Like...!

This is what people think, when they think of me.... a baker with a Domo! LOL!! 
This is the chick behind DOMO! :) Some stuff about me:

  • I am 24 - and I have been baking ever since I could stir a spoon in a bowl
  • I live in Malaysia, a hot humid tropical country
  • I'm not very good at maths, or science - so I basically bake according to 'feel' (this is why stuff like Macarons or melted chocolate which requires precise measurements, DIE in my hands)
  • I work full time as a Brand Developer for a media company - and that is why I usually have posts up only on weekends.. :(
  • My DREAM is to open a cozy little cafe in country with a cool climate, where everyone LOVES cakes :P (I'm pretty sure there is such a place...)

About this picture: Friend of mine gave me this caricature she had done for me....
It was such a surprise I almost had to stop myself from screaming (in delight of course) when I saw it.
I absolutely LOVE it!! Great big Thank You! to Miss Vivien and her friend... (whom I must say has mighty great talent!)


Rosie said...

So cute. The hair is distinctively yours, I must say. heh heh.

D O M O ! said...

haha.. yeah. My hair does look like that...