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How to Make Flaky Spiral Pastry

Oops... Ate it before I could take a pic :P
The flaky spiral pastry I used to make the Chinese New Year Dragon Balls is a great recipe. You could use it to make all sorts of stuff. Fill it up with curried potatoes and minced meat to make light crispy curry puffs. Or sweet meat to make 'Siew Pao' - little paos?. You could also use those ready made fillings - taro, lotus paste or red bean. Whatever the filling, make sure that it's tasty, because the pastry hasn't got much sugar or salt in it for taste.
Those spirals makes the pastry crumbly and flaky... also makes it really pretty
It's a little complicated, and a whole lot of work - but believe me it's worth it! The flaky, and crumbly texture compliments a soft gooey filling perfectly! And the pride you feel when watching the spirals form as it bakes cannot be described :D

Water Dough: (Dough A)
125gm Plain Flour
20gm Caster Sugar
50gm oil
60ml water

Oil Dough: (Dough B)
120gm Self Raising Flour 
60gm Oil
(colouring if desired)

Mix the two doughs separately - I add colouring to one of them, just so I don't get confused...

Now for the rolling... this is rather important. It's vital that it is done this way, to achieve the pretty spiral effect. Follow the pictures below, and you'll be just fine...

Thats a looong picture.
I tried to draw the tutorial... but I just couldn't!
1. Take your dough A and dough B
2. Roll out dough A
3. Put dough B on the rolled out dough A
4. Wrap dough B in dough A
5. Roll out the wrapped doughs
6. Start to roll up the flattened doughs, like how you roll up a carpet
7. & 8. Your rolled up dough. Now arrange the rolled up dough vertically.
9. & 10. Roll flat the dough, make sure its long and vertical
11. & 12. Now, start to roll up the dough, as you did in step 6, the other way. Now you'll get a similar rolled up dough as you did in step 7.
13. Cut the dough into two.
14. As you can see here, you'll get a pretty shell like spiral pattern
15,16. & 17. Lay it flat, spiral pattern facing up. Now, flatten it with your palm, or roll it with your rolling pin
18. Fill yummy goodies on the flattened dough
19. Now wrap up the dough, pinching it shut in the middle, and 20 is what you get when you turn it around

Remember to keep the doughs well moist - cover them with a damp cloth if you are working under a fan, or if  the rolling is taking some time.

You can choose to deep fry the pastry or bake it - I personally prefer baking. It's less work, and not as messy. Bake it at 220 degrees for about 15 to 20 minutes - till the corners turn golden brown.

Phew... thats a long post. Have fun! :D And Enjoy!

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