Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Romantic Strawberries for Valentines Day!

I think strawberries are the most romantic fruit. They are so red and pink and pretty! It just speaks of love. It's even shaped like a red love with a pretty green top. It smells like a bouquet of flowers. And the taste.. oh how do I describe the taste? It's sweet and sour and beautiful! 

Beautiful Korean Strawberries

Korean strawberries are by far the ABSOLUTE BEST ones I have ever had. They are so perfectly sweet! Korean Strawberry season comes to Malaysia every once a year - and because of the competition in price between supermarkets, it gets cheaper and cheaper and cheaper! (I know this because I used to be a buyer for a supermarket in the fruit department! ;P) This year, I spotted Carefour the French grocery store, selling it for RM5.95! That's insane! I of course went crazy and bought way too many packs.

So, Happy Valentines day to myself. Yes, yes. I'm single and alone, but who cares? I get beautiful strawberries all for myself! :-*

Delicious Waffles with cream and strawberries - piled on a plate. Nothing else more beautiful compared to that! 

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