Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spreading the Word: Foodie Blogroll Contest and Foy's Frittata reicpe

Woke up this morning, (well it wasn't really morning anymore) and as usual the first thing I did was to check on my blog. Ever since I joined Foodie Blogroll, I've gotten really excited to see how many people have visited my site and left me nice little comments :)

I never knew that there were so many food bloggers like me out there! So MANY! Which also means SO MANY different types of delicious looking food!!! Oh damn you Foodie Blogroll! Bringing me more and more of these tempting pictures of gorgeous treats!!!! Slurp*

Foodie Blogroll is also really fun because once in awhile, there'd be little contests and giveaways for us bloggers to join. I've never been one to like participating in contests, but this looks fun :) I don't even know if it's eligible for people outside the US, but... ah well - no harm trying, right? The Foodie Blogroll is giving away an adorable tote bag, and all we need to do is shout about it in either our blogs, Facebook or Twitter. So here I am. Shouting :P

This is the tote bag that is to be won!

I was looking through my newfound blogger friends, and I saw a post by the lovely blogger behind Foy Update with a Frittata with Wild Onion, Potato, Goats Cheese and Thyme recipe ( It looked beautiful and amazingly delicious.... and my stomach was beginning to grumble: It's 11.30am... feed me!!

It's genius! I've never had a Frittata (or heard of it before) but I loved the concept... potatoes, eggs and cheese! All my favorite foods! Perfect for  breakfast  brunch!

Soaking dried shitake mushrooms

Luckily I had everything needed for the recipe, plus some left over veggies... I didn't have what the recipe asked for exactly, but I make do with what I had.

What I did for my version of a leftover-stuff-in-fridge Frittata (Foy's looks much more professional, of course!)

                  • Onions, sliced Shitake Mushrooms, Asparagus
                  • Eggs
                  • Potatoes
                  • Pepper and Salt to taste
                  • Cheese (Cheddar slices)
Boiling potatoes

Boiled slices of potatoes till I could poke a fork in it. Then I sauteed it with lots of butter, and added in the onions, Shitake Mushroms and Asparagus to be coated in butter too. 

Arranged it on a pan (that could go on the stove as well as in the oven) and poured beaten eggs (seasoned with salt and pepper) over the potatoes. I cooked it on the stove for a little while till the sides were a little hard, then I topped it off with cheese. 
Baked it for about 15 minutes till the cheese melted and browned.

I couldn't wait (or more like my tummy couldn't wait) for it to finish baking! The aroma of cheese and eggs and butter was making my head light.

My Frittatas - couldn't and wouldn't try to make it look prettier (mostly because I was too hungry to care!) 

I didn't even wait for it to cool.. I cut a slice. Then another.. then another. Now I'm thinking of another....

My brother walked in and went:  Is that Pizza?
Me:  :(


Foy Update said...

I am always suprised when someone actually makes one of my recipes. Then I get kind of worried I didn't do a good job explaining how to make food. I'm glad you enjoyed the frittata.

By the way you might enjoy Foodbuzz for show casing your food posts. Although you seem savvy, so you probably have already been there done that. :)

D O M O ! said...

Hi Foy! I think you did a GREAT job on explaining how to make your fritatta. I was actually kinda worried you wouldn't like my lazy version.. hehe.
I just signed up with Foodbuzz too :)
Thanks for visiting!

Kankana said...

i am hearing a lot about frittata and i think it's time i give my attempt too :)

D O M O ! said...

It's great! Let me know if you give it a try Kankana! :D

My garden haven said...

Wow, your blog is certainly a happening place! Fritatta and all!