Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Coffee Crave

Coffee is no longer a hobby or a treat for me. It has become an addiction! And judging by the number of pictures of coffee and sometimes tea I have in my handphone, you can tell it has been an addiction for quite some time.

  • In the mosaic above, you'll see a cup of tea and a curry puff on a wooden table. That, I got from the cafeteria where I work. The tea costs 80 cents, and the puff 50 cents. It totally perks me up in the middle of a long boring day at work :P

  • The cropped image on the left of the top mosaic, you'll see tea with a thick black layer on the bottom. That is one of our favorite drinks in coffee shops. They call it a Three Layered Tea, or Three Colored Tea. It is because they pour it in a way where it has three different colors and layers. Bottom layer would be the thick dark coconut syrup, followed by a layer of milk and a layer of tea or coffee on top. Yummy!

I love nothing more than to order a delicious cup of hot caffeinated drink and enjoy it with a teeny snack. I have compiled some of my favorite places around Malaysia and it's neighboring countries where I've had some of my best cups of java.

  • One of the rather interesting coffee I've had were the Vietnam coffee, which drips from the tin sieve above slowly into your cup. It is reallllly strong, and tastes kinda funky.

  • Those two long tubes were actually holding sweet thick drinks. I saw them in a night market at Ao Nang Krabi. The coffee, TO DIE FOR!

  • Ali Cafe serves delicious Teh Tarik - which means 'pulled tea'. Tea is poured from one glass to another to create a frothy, bubbly top. It's actually a form of art here in Malaysia.
MMm... coffee... Can't go a day without one :O

p/s: Like my mosaic? Made it at PhotoVisi ! It looks so professionally done.. :D

And this sure is a great post for Thirsty Thursday & Coffee Talk!


Kankana said...

i doubt if there is anyone who can survive without coffee

D O M O ! said...

hahaha.. cheers to that! ;D

TexaGermaNadian said...

Great photo collage! Love it, and I think I have a coffee buzz just reading the post :)

b. lee said...


Morgan said...

My eyes completely got stuck on the two tubes! Coffee is like air, loved the collage and makes me crave a cup.

Celeste said...

Lovin' you coffee collage! I'm a coffee girl too. Glad I found you your cute blog via Thirsty Thur Blog Hop. Stop by for a visit soon!


Shannon said...

YUM! I too am a coffee lover! The name caught my attention of course! Following you from Thirsty Thursday!

All Hail Coffee Queens!

Jennifer said...

gorgeous photos! I adore coffee!!! Its one of my favorite daily treats! <3

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

D O M O ! said...

Hey ladies... thanks for your comments! Looks like I found some coffee addicts like me! It would be cool if we all could sit down and enjoy coffee together one day, wouldn't it? :D

Anonymous said...

the pictures look so yum!!! Even I'm addicted to coffee. Just can't live without it. Love tea too.
And you have really nice blog :)

Sarah said...

What a cool mosaic! I'm not a big coffee drinker (comes from working at a Starbucks for too long!) but, I LOVE the kinds of coffee you have listed! So exotic!