Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Big Apple Donashi

Hello Donashi!
Goshhh... I've been so busy lately, I haven't had time to think about baking, much less bake nor blog! I'm sorry I don't have any new creations of my own right now, but I do have a wonderful review of a delightful dessert :D

Big Apple! Yes, I did blog about the J.Co Donuts before (and I still stand by my statement that J.Co Donuts are the BEST!) and now this is my review for Big Apple donuts. I'm not sure where Big Apple Donuts originated from - but I doubt it actually came from the Big Apple! To me they still lack the fluffiness and delicate flavors of J.Co, but I have to give them props for their creativity for cuteness!

They came out with their Donashi some time ago. Do What Shes?? you ask? They are Donuts and Sushi put together. Whatt?? you ask? Well, they are basically like donut holes, decorated to look like sushi :D

Mmmm... ebiko? Nope.. jelly
Yes, adorable aren't they? And they are so tiny - I'm embarrassed to say that I FINISHED the whole box of 9 ALL BY MYSELF!! Yes... I'm a glutton :'( I feel so guilty thinking about it... (but I did finish it in periods of time... it took me like 2 days and 3 meals OK??) A pack of 9 costs about RM17 i think? I bought large trays of Donashi the last time I had events (a workshop for women - for my day job) and the ladies loved them! They were really inexpensive too... and they come in great bite sized pieces. No chopping up donuts into tinier pieces for people to share...

A pack of 9

Some are filled with mango cream, some chocolate, and some other cream... couldn't really tell :S
And of course, I could not resist doing this....

Yummm.... Donuts... I think

GAH!! You're finishing it... get away get away!! 

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