Monday, April 18, 2011

I LOVE You Tiramisu!

Poor darling..  I've been ignoring my poor DOMO! Poor poor DOMO! :(

Well, I'm back... and this time with a brand new camera! :D I finally got me a DSLR, one Nikon D3100.... Hopefully it encourages me to bake more and take better pictures.

I apologize if these pictures look like bad photography - I'm still getting used to my camera. And I'm real sorry if my Tiramisu squares look a little messy - I was too eager to photograph them!

My white chocolate words

And, for the first time my melted chocolate actually turned out pretty well! :D My white chocolate melted and hardened perfectly too... I piped them into words to put on my Tiramisu squares... and decorated my LOVE with little hearts <3

Making Tiramisu is so easy!

Dip your Tia Marias in thick black coffee
Lay them at the bottom of your dish
Spread a layer of Nutella on top
Smother it with Cream cheese topping (cream cheese + icing sugar + vanilla essence)
Sprinkle cocoa powder on top

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loved it.. its on my lists to die for :)

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