Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Potted Plant of Cake

Potted plants of Cake?

~ ~ 'Phhhoowww'"~ ~ I've got to blow the thick layer of dust off my blog. My last post seems months ago :( Even Mother's Day was weeks away...! 

Well, I could still share my Mother's Day creation, can't I? :)

My mum's birthday is really really close to Mother's Day (lucky isn't it?) In fact, some years it might even fall on the same day! This year, thinking my mum would appreciate a pretty potted plant, as she's an avid gardener - I planned a Potted Cake! :)

I bought colourful little ramekins from Daisoh, (the everything odd and end for RM5 Japanese shop) that resemble little pots. In my head, I was planning to buy a packet of edible flowers* from Jaya Grocers in Bangsar, but unfortunately when I got there... they were no longer selling them! How disappointing! :( So I had to make do with what they had....

a physa-what? These interesting berries wrapped in a pod of what looks like dried leaves are Physalis. Those berries are pretty interesting - a little sourish, a little sweet. They taste oddly, like a strawberry mixed with a tomato.

I bought plenty of Korean Strawberries (of course!), a pack of Physalis and well, cheap looking wafer roses to 'plant' in my pots.

For the 'earth' I filled the pots with Tiramisu - my favorite coffee soaked Tia Marias, and cream cheese. Tiramisu is getting to be one of my favorite lazy cakes. It takes literally 15 minutes to make and are soooo decadent!

One for me, one for mum, one for dad, one for bro, one for grandma and one for my aunt :)
For the sake of my grandma, I redecorated two pots to grow only Strawberries - worried that she might mistake the inedible stuff to be edible.

Nothing prettier than a whole bunch of strawberries....  

Happy Birthday and Mother's Day Mum... <3 <3

*They DO sell edible flowers... So pretty, though I have no idea how they actually taste (even though my mum told me I used to eat her Petunias when I was little). You could actually make flower salads, and decorate gorgeous cakes with them :) But, please make sure you buy or pluck ONLY the edible flowers....


Jessi said...

Those are adorable! What a cute idea, I may just have to copy you for a summer party.

Have a great weekend! :)

D O M O ! said...

Thanks Jessi! Please do show us if you tried making 'em :)

Eftychia said...

This cakes looks so beautiful!