Saturday, May 21, 2011

Macaron the Blue

Almost perfect, don't you think?

I know...! So soon after my previous 'nipple' experience... I'm back to making macarons again. It's an obsession I tell ya! And while I was making this batch of macarons, a thought came to mind....

"I need professional help!" 
Then a second thought came to mind....

"Professional help to make perfect macarons? Or professional help to stop me from this macaron obsession?"

Ah well, anyone of those two would do. Fix one problem... and I'll fix them both.
I figured, after I've perfected my macaron making - I don't think I'd want to make them again for a long time. They're really rich and sweet and taste like diabetes waiting to happen!

So blue! These blue macarons drive kids crazy.... "OOoo... colourful and packed with sugar!".
And scares old people... "What the heck are those neon blue things?! They can be eaten?!"

Well, I've got more tips in making macarons for newbies, professional macaron failures (like me) and impatient people (also like me). They really should write a book.... "Macarons for Idiots!"

* Be very careful with the temperature. Too hot, and the shells will crack. Lower it down suddenly, and feet won't form. My suggestion? Make as many batches as possible, to test the correct heat. Even if your oven can fit the entire batch of meringue - I wouldn't suggest you put all your 'eggs' in one oven. :)

* Use good baking sheets. This may not be all that important, but the roll of baking paper I just bought just didn't want to separate from my macarons! Sprinkling water under the baking sheets help loosen the macaron shells a little, but it still held a tight grip, making it hard to get those little suckers out without crumbling a few shells. I'm eyeing a silicon pad now.....

* Get a friend to help. Someone who can help you with the baking process. Or someone who can keep you cool and calm when a batch of macarons come out like feetless flap jacks. Or someone who can hold you down when you are about to smash your oven. Alright, alright, no... seriously - getting help is a good thing. There are so many processes and it's pretty time consuming, it's easy to get frustrated and give up if you're doing it all alone.

*And last but not least - don't make macarons if you are impatient, or in a rush, or easily pissed off, or already pissed off. No, macarons need to be made with patience and love. Wait till you're feeling a little more of these feelings, then attempt to make macarons.

This time they came out almost perfect - however, those feet could be a little taller....

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