Saturday, June 4, 2011

Too Much Cookies!

Domo loved Hong Kong! :D
(sorry my Photoshop skills aren't very good yet - but as much as I love Domo, I don't think I want to be the crazy girl photographing a doll in the streets of Hong Kong)

I just came back from a much needed holiday in Hong Kong. It was too short, rushed and unplanned, but I had a great lot of fun :) I'm sure you know, Hong Kong is a food haven - serving exciting food suitable for the adventurous.

Since DOMO! is a food / baking blog, I'm not going to share much about my Hong Kong trip (but feel free to read my blog about the trip HERE in my other blog, Through My Mata Sepet). Instead, I'll show you an awesome cookie store I found....

The cookie store is called Too Much! Oh yes.. I agree. The amount of cookies and cuteness is way Too Much! It was in a shopping mall in the New Territories.  They have cookies in all sorts of shapes, flavours, colours and sizes... so tempting!

And I love their name and logo :) Adorable...

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