Saturday, July 9, 2011

Macarons (from Dreamz Bakery)

I'm still a huge macaron fanatic - as is the rest of the world right now.... My friends appeared at my house holding a clear jar filled with pretty, colourful Macarons covered with a lacy doily :)

One of them had bought it from a cafe called Dreamz, (click to check out their adorable site... cute as ever!) located in Kota Damansara. So pretty - the packaging, the colours, and look at those feet! (those who have been reading my blog understands my feet obsession)

I totally ignored my friend because I was too entranced by the gorgeous cookies... and was busily snapping these pictures.

They were so perfect, it was like a dream (pun not intended) of mine.

However, not being a sour grape and all (well maybe a little) the macarons tasted a little 'off' to me... it was dry inside, instead of gooey. It was puffy and crumbly, instead of sticky and crispy. I think they somehow had added in baking powder in their recipe (that might explain the perfect feet). And I could barely taste the almond meal... Maybe it's just me, maybe its sour grapes... 

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