Thursday, July 7, 2011

DOMO! Just Because...

"Domo" works a full time job - in a newspaper company and therefore, isn't and hasn't been able to update her blog or bake much. However she never stops thinking of her DOMO!....

She wishes she could bake her goodies for others to try, (and get a little extra pocket money from it too...) but unfortunately it is pretty tough seeing that she sometimes reaches home around 11pm. She once also had a bad experience because she promised someone she'd bake 50 different cupcakes with different types of decorations for a birthday party. She spent almost all week baking till wee hours in the morning! I swear, she went into office with flour in her hair!

She wasn't happy with those 50 cupcakes too, because they were not really up to her standards. They were made in a rushed and stressed manner - unlike her other creations. She didn't like them at all :(

So one day, while planning marketing strategies at work, she suddenly thought - would it be possible if DOMO! sells based on supply rather than demand? Would anyone want to buy cupcakes for no apparent occasion, or reason other than they feel like having some?

Well, why the heck not?

So that is what DOMO! Just Because is about... ordering cakes and desserts just because you feel like having some. "Domo" will plan what to bake during the weekend and post up a picture of the creation. If you want it BUY it - and DOMO! will give it to you nice and freshly baked on the day it is created. How does that sound? :D

DOMO! Just Because will work like those group-buys. If "Domo" gets orders for the maximum amount, then the 'Bake is ON'!

However, because DOMO! lives in Kuala Lumpur - this applies only to people that resides in Klang Valley or Petaling Jaya.... 

Email: to find out more bout collections and deliveries. 

Here is how you email us your Order:

Phone Number:
How many sets of (4) four cupcakes:
Where would you like to pick 'em up: (preferably Sri Petaling / Bangsar /Damansara)

 We will email you back with our banking details when we've got our Max no. of orders :)

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