Saturday, August 6, 2011

Flower Power!

This was my initial plan for Mother's Day cupcakes. Looking at it, it may be a great cupcake idea for bridal showers and weddings.

When I saw Village Grocers selling edible flowers again, I snapped them up excitedly. I couldn't wait to start making them!

As usual, after I completed my decorating, I sat to savor one of my creations. I never go as far as thinking how they are to be eaten.. I only ever think about how they are made. , I must tell ya eating them... is really quite tricky! I'm surprised to find out that flowers actually taste a little spicy and peppery.. :O

Cupcakes are made from my buttercupcakes, topped with delicious (absolutely delicious I must say!) chocolate cheese cream and of course decorated with edible flowers ;)

There were chrysanthemums, Dianthus, Nasturtiums and tiny baby sunflowers in the pack. Now, don't go picking flowers from the garden to cook - not all flowers can be eaten! As a matter of a fact, some are pretty poisonous! Here's a guide to edible flowers..

And just to prove I'm not bluffing, and just posting pictures of flowers crammed into a cupcake casing.. 

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