Sunday, September 11, 2011


Mooncakes aren't in my area of specialty. It takes precision, perfection and patience. I have little of those.

But I do love eating them :)

Making them is plenty of hard work. So many layers, so many steps! I first needed to ball up all the ingredients .
The lotus paste with pumpkin seeds, the green snow skin and the golden balls of salted egg yolk! :)
These days, mooncakes come in all sorts of flavours, assortments and shapes. Even Haagan Daz makes ice cream mooncakes! Funny flavours like cookies and cream, durian, tiramisu.... I don't think Lady Chang Er changes with the times, does she? My favourite will always be the traditional lotus paste filling with salted egg yolk, with the baked, dark brown molasses skin. Perfect!

My Snow Skinned mooncakes - green pandan flavoured & black sesame flavoured.
They are plenty of different ways to make mooncakes now. The Shanghai mooncake comes with a flaky spiral skin. Then theres the Snow Skinned mooncakes, unbaked mooncakes - usually really colourful and sweet.
Ooh... plenty of egg yolk! 
There's also the Jelly mooncake - basically jelly, made in a mooncake mold. Some of these are done very cleverly indeed, by making different jellies in different molds and assembling them together to resemble a mooncake with an 'egg yolk' in the middle. This was done very well by a friend of mine. Pretty isn't it?

The 'egg yolk' in the center is actually coloured jelly! Smart eh? It's surrounded by
home made red bean paste. Yum yum!

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