Thursday, September 23, 2010

About Cars (Buying cars in Malaysia)

Okay, I know cars are totally not related to baking, cooking or Domo! But now it is! Look at what Buddy Valastro did for Chevrolet on Cake Boss! That is freakin' insane! Yes it is a CAKE!

Skewing off topic here, I watch quite a lot of Top Gear, mainly because I think Jeremy Clarkson is hilarious, James May is so lovable, and Richard Hammond is just adorable. But as much as I watch the show, I always seem to blank out when it comes to the ‘car talk’ parts. 

When it comes to technical stuff like engines, turbo power, fuel and horsepower - us girls just glaze over. It’s good enough if a girl know that she needs to fill petrol into the tank, and water into the batteries. Believe you me, girls - if you want a car, you should know how to own a car. How many times a girl gets stranded in the middle of nowhere, because her tyres are flat. And what do they do? They call their boyfriend, who would take about an hour to arrive. Can you say - horror story?

Well, but before you own a car, the first other very important thing a girl should know is how to purchase a car. Malaysians usually tend to go for the cheapest Perodua or Proton car - which would be the MyVi or the Viva. However, you should know that these aren’t your only options if you’re looking for a low priced car. A good second hand car for instance. You could start by checking out these Malaysia cars.

My problem is that whenever I Google ‘stuff you should know when buying a car’ I get alot of mumbo jumbo. How do you tell what a good car is? Can’t they at least explain in simple words what those jumbles of letters and numbers and dashes mean? A 6-speed twin-clutch unit means nothing to us girls - the same way a Soft Suede lipstick shade means nothing to a man.

Well, enough babbling, I’m gonna go find out what a four cylinder engine means and what it does to my blinking car.

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