Sunday, July 22, 2012

Spongebob and Angry Birds Cakes for Arlynn

Some little girls are so lucky... Arlynn is one of them! She's my cousin's daughter and she just turned 9! For her FIRST birthday cake, which she wanted to bring to school to celebrate her birthday with her friends, she requested for a Spongebob Squarepants birthday cake. She spent the entire day coaching me on what Spongebob looks like and what the cake should taste like..

Sure got me crashing down to earth
Boy! I've met my toughest customer! She even asked for a sketch of Spongebob before it goes on the cake...

I made sure I made the cake while she was away in school. I don't think I could take the strict over-the-shoulder baking. I made a nice rich Chocolate cake with pink strawberry frosting.

In the end, I think she was happy with the outcome.

For her second birthday cake, she had even HIGHER expectations! Haha... Never bring your A-game knowing you would need to come back and perform again.. This time she asked for an Angry Bird cake. She kept changing her mind about which Angry Bird was her favourite. I wasn't too excited about making an Angry Bird fondants 'cos everyone has made them already! Google it and millions of pictures appear!

This time, I made 3D figurines.. no point showing off what I already showed, making a 2D one. And since I had lots of leftover fondant, already coloured to the angry bird shades (Yellow, Red, Blue, Green...) it was easy enough.

This time, I made a pink strawberry butter cake with vanilla cream and berry jam. I think the kid liked the fondant toys more than she enjoyed the cake. I told her she didn't need to eat them, and could keep them instead. The weather here in Auckland is nice and cool and dry - perfect for keeping fondants!

Phew! That was one tough challenge!


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Smoent takitchie said...

i love spongebob me like!

Smoent takitchie said...

me love cake!!!