Monday, September 27, 2010

More on Cameron Highlands~

If you've ever been to Cameron Highlands, I'm sure you know its a girl's place. Strawberries, Strawberries, STRAWBERRIES all over the place! If the strawberry had a trademark patent, it would be a rich fruit right now.

Of course, the first thing I go for in Cameron Highlands would be the food. You simply must, MUST go to this place called the Big Red Strawberry Farm. It has the best strawberry desserts I have tasted in Cameron so far. No cheap-o ingredients here. You can find real good whipped cream, gorgeous fresh strawberries - of course, and really really good home made muffins. It's the only place I could find interesting items like Coffee Strawberry, Hot Chocolate with Strawberry, and home made strawberry jam. (I am reusing the word strawberry so much - I'm just going to replace it with *S*) The Big Red *S* Farm is located at Brinchang, a 5 min walk from where the night market sets up.

Homemade muffin with cream, Hot *S* Chocolate
& Ice-cream with *s*.... *S*heaven!

Fried Ice Cream

The Big Red *S* farm has a flower nursery, a *s* farm where you can pick your own berries, a hydroponic farm and a cafe. The place is wonderful - beautiful view and heavenly desserts!

I think the toilets are adorable! ;P
Oh...Hi Fren!

Of course the other stuff you'd want to see are the flowers! :D

Very rustic, don't you think?

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Anonymous said...

I like the colour combination on this page. So pleasant.. The photo of the potted plants is taken from a good angle.