Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree~~

Domo goes like, Waahh~!

I got a little too excited for Christmas this year, so I made a bombastic Christmas Cake!

A friend asked me to make a fruitcake shaped like a Christmas tree~ And at first I wasn't too keen on making it.

First of all... I hate fruitcake! (>_<)  - bleh..! I don't like the super sweet and super chemical tasting preserved fruits. I also am not too skewed towards brandy...

Secondly, when I first thought of a Christmas Tree cake, I thought about those kiddish kind that lies on the board and is dotted with M&Ms. The homemade kind that Mums might had make for kids parties..

But then, Eureka! I thought of making one that Stands right UP! I got so excited over the idea, I could not sleep!

Without further ado, I present you my Xmas Tree Cake!

Hi Santa!
Santa's thinking: Whats that thing?? Why is it looking at me like that?!

Oh, and to solve my fruitcake hate crisis - I made my own version.
A buttery base cake, with Chopped Walnuts, Fresh Diced Lemon Peel, Raisins, Chopped Glazed Cherries and Chocolate Chips!


My Garden Haven said...

Wow...a brilliant green you might think it is from my garden!
2 thumbs up for creativity.

D O M O ! said...

Thank You :D It was fun to make!