Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Gingerbread Men!


This year of course, I could not resist making Gingerbread Domos! Rawr..
And then of course, the traditional ones....

Like I said in my previous post.... I don't think Christmas is complete without the smell of gingerbread men baking in the oven. It's my third year in a row making gingerbread.... and every year they look different! I try to diversify them - keeps the kids interested! :D

I found this recipe online on Quick Free Recipes site:
I loved it because the dough was as foretold by the site name, quick to make and easy as well. I liked the texture of the dough that wasn't too difficult to roll out, and not too sticky either. 

When cutting out shapes, I like making my gingerbread men thick, but I find with this recipe, thinner dough makes them crunchier. The one thing I don't like about making gingerbread is that the time it takes to decorate the men, causes the cookies to go soft :(

Of course, I tweaked the recipe a little - and added in a couple of stuff I liked. Give it a try!

Gingerbread Men Recipe
350g plain flour
100g soft butter
1-2 teaspoons grated ginger
175g soft light brown sugar
1 egg

4 tablespoons of golden syrup
1 teaspoon of All Spice
Mix all the dry ingredients first (flour, all spice, ginger and sugar) and rub in the butter. Add the egg and the golden syrup and mix with a wooden spoon until it forms a dough. This is when you use your hands to knead the dough a little. Roll out the dough - I made mine roughly 5mm thick, and cut them with your cookie cutters. Bake at 180 degrees for 10 to 15 mins. Decorate with royal icing :)

Gingerbread Girls
Gingerbread Boys
                                      Merry Christmas!

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