Monday, January 3, 2011


Had it at Vietnam Kitchen, One Utama
Have you ever tried one of these before?

That's Vietnamese Coffee. I love that every time you go to a Vietnamese place and order their coffee, it comes in this cute little metal strainer sitting on your cup. You'd have to wait for it to slowly trickle down the sieve. By the time it has all dripped from the metal strainer into your cup, your coffee is at perfect temperature. Now I'm a coffee addict - and even for a coffee addict, Vietnamese Coffee is waayy to strong for me!

I really can't seem to find out what the difference between our northern neighbour's local brew and ours, but taste it and you certainly can tell! It's got a malt-y sort of taste... almost like they added barley in the coffee.

Vietnamese Coffee is best enjoyed with LOTS of milk and sugar... and plenty of ICE! Yummm..!!

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