Saturday, December 18, 2010

Snow Globe Cupcakes~

I just love those Santa sugar dolls...!

I thought it would be nice Christmas gifts... neatly packaged cupcakes..

Having plenty of sugar doll Santas, and mini Candy Canes for decorations, I started on my Christmas Cupcakes!

End Product: Snow Globe Cupcakes!

I call them Snow Globe Cupcakes because I packed them up with two plastic casings, top and bottom - which makes them look like snow globes. I have the urge to shake it, hoping that snow would fall...

What is inside?

Chocolate cake, Chocolate chips in the middle (which because it was too heavy, sank to the bottom) and Marshmallows (which because it was too light, floated to the top).

 Whats on top?

 The chocolate cupcakes were iced with thick Cream Cheese (to make it look like it snowed!) and decorated with my Santa sugar dolls, Candy Canes, Mint Leaves and colorful sweets...

My Christmas Presents!


My Garden Haven said...

so pretty. can I have one?

Vivien Lim said...

this is so yummy............ 2 is never enough you know.....hahaa

i actually tried shaking it..the santa fall off ..

D O M O ! said...

They've all been eaten up. But I think I'll be making more Christmas Stuff soon.

Btw, Haha.. very funny Vivien :P

maya said...

cute! i want it as my x-mas gift. who wanna give it to me..:D

D O M O ! said...

Hey Maya! Thanks for visiting :D Yeah, it makes awesome Christmas Gifts... Although, I don't think it'll if I post it to you... :P hehe