Thursday, January 6, 2011

Last Day of Christmas TODAY!?

So Christmassy! :D
I heard on the radio today, that in medieval times - today (January 6th) would be the last day of Christmas!
I suppose that's where the 12 days of Christmas song came from...

On a semi related subject, I was digging through older photographs in my hard drive and I found some pictures I took of last year's Gingerbread cookies! :)

Mind you, my photography skills weren't too great last time :P

Santas and Christmas Trees.
The valentines heart is just practice for the coming Febuary

Don't know why that fellow right in front is so unhappy! I mean, he's the one squashing the rest! Look at the dude behind him! He's totally flattened! And don't get me started on that snowman dude....

Aaaahhh!! The HORROR!! 
Happy 12th Day of Christmas! 

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