Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ridiculously Easy! Insanely Delicious!

Baking itch.. baking itch... baking itch...
        Arghhh!! NO! NO! NO!
        On a diet... on a diet... On A DIET~!!!

DOMO! : How the heck do you run a baking blog when you're on a friggin' diet?!
Me :  :(
20 minutes later.....

Guess what this is. Ice-creaaaa....? Nope, it isn't ice cream.

It's my Frozen Banana Cream Cup!

Frozen Banana Cream Cup!

Fooled you didn't I?

It's healthy, Ohmygod! delicious and impossibly easy to make. Most importantly, eat it guilt FREE! (ok maybe 3% guilt because of the whipped cream... ) It tastes like thick, rich banana ice cream....

Heres how you do it:
  • Take 3 ripe, frozen bananas (Cavendish Bananas taste creamier - I love DOLE, but any other brands would do fine)
  • One spoonful of honey
  • Two table spoons of milk

Blend them all in a food processor, and serve with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles :)

Dole bananas are slightly richer and creamier in taste. For the perfect ice cream texture :D

Enjoy your breakfast-dessert! 

And if you want it a little less creamy, and a little more smoothie - add more milk! You'll get a delicious smooth banana shake! Which makes this post now, perfect for this submission:


Eftychia said...

This looks delicious. You have a very nice blog!

D O M O ! said...

Thank you Eftychia :) You have a very nice blog as well ! Hope to try out some of your great recipes one day! :) Thanks for visitng!

Ms. Sarah said...

I will be making this for our kids. now followin

Jessi said...

That looks so good and it's nice to see a healthy recipe. I will definately be trying this tonight.

I'm a new follower. :)


ropcorn said...

Wow, that looks really tasty! And not at all healthy for you, hehe. Which is why I love that it actually IS healthy. :p

Jen HaHA said...

Your thumbnail grabbed me on Thirsty Thursday! Delicious and nutritious, I'm in!

Bobbi said...

This looks amazing, I am so going to have to try this! I'll have to come back to to check out what else you have! Have a great weekend! ♥ BJ

D O M O ! said...

Thanks alot guys! I'm following you too Jessi :) Hope you enjoyed your banana smoothie! :D