Sunday, June 26, 2011

Teddy Chocolate Pops!

Hello Teddy!

I've always wanted to try the famous 'Bakerella's Cupcake Pops'. It's gotten so famous now, even Starbucks makes them.

But, me being me, making little 'pop's like everyone does isn't good enough. So I thought, how about making little pops in different shapes. I did what Bakerella did, and instead of using a mini cupcake mold, I used my teddy shaped ice tray. Ta-da! Teddy Chocolate Pops!

I didn't want to coat them in chocolate, because that might cover up the details, like teddy's eyes and bow. Besides, teddy was already brown... :P

With a little royal icing as glue, I decorated my teddy with an imagination (and excitement) of a 6 year old, with colorful sugar confetti.

And my teddy pops being so 'sweet' and all, they were bound to attract some 'pests'. Didn't take too long before my little Domo-kuns found my chocolate pops...

Little Domo: "Gaspp!! What are those??"
Purple Domo: "What are you? Where did you come from? Who are you working for??!"

Purple Domo: "OMG! Alert the rest! Alien Invasion! There's a whole freakin' army!"

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