Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lorraine McKay & Alan Dunn in Malaysia!

I met Lorraine McKay & Alan Dunn yesterday! I'm so starstruck! Lol...

Who are they? They are two most amazing sugarcraft artists ever! Alan Dunn is the 'God of Flower Decorations' and Lorraine McKay makes the cutest models and dolls for cakes. The two of them are down for cake demonstrations and to teach in workshops this whole week.

Because my colleague couldn't attend the demonstration, she sent me for an 'assignment' - to check out the sugarcraft demonstrations done by the two. I was even asked to interview them! O_o

I was so excited and very nervous. Talking to people isn't one of my strong points - especially talking to famous people! I thought all I had to do was attend their class, maybe shout out a few questions to them when others are busy questioning them too. But noo... I was shoved into a room with Alan, and later was sat right opposite Lorraine like an interrogator!  Fortunately, the two of them were amazingly friendly! Lorraine was so funny and adorable. She would make jokes and laugh a lot when I was interviewing her. She was such a lovely lady - she even asked for my card and gave me a hug after I finished the interview :D Alan was very nice, soft spoken and down to earth. He  was so patient with me fumbling about with my silly questions and took the time to pose for my photographer!

Alan and Lorraine were such professionals when conducting their demonstrations. They entertained and kept the crowd interested. Lorraine made a cute little 'Malaysian Frog' on a Lilypad - and got the whole room Ooh-ing and Aah-ing when she finished. Alan showed us how to make a very real looking and remarkably detailed Parrot Lily. While he was making the tedious and repetitive petals, he kept the crowd entertained by telling us interesting stories.

Lorraine's Malaysian Frog
The two masters will be giving private workshops at the ICCA Malaysia (located at Kota Damansara) within the week. You can view Alan's amazing creations at In fact, Alan's newest book has just launched in Malaysia - it's all about Tropical Flowers!

Lorraine's creations can be seen at, and she blogs at

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